Behavioural Therapy

A range of intensive behaviour intervention therapies to treat mental health disorders and promote a positive outlook on life.

What is behavioural therapy?

The purpose of behaviour therapy is to identify unhealthy behaviours, habits, and find sustainable ways to improve them. Behavioural therapy, also known as positive behavioural support, increases a person’s engagement in social settings and encourages a more overall positive outlook.

There are a wide range of behavioural therapy techniques for NDIS participants. The techniques we use for individual participants are strongly dependent on one’s unique needs and goals, so we will work with you to identify your challenges, and where you would like to improve.

What can behavioural therapy treat?

Benefits of receiving positive behavioural support

Thinking and Feeling More Positive

Improved Relationships

Better Communication Skills

Raises Self Esteem

Gain Coping Skills

Patient and attentive

Our team of behavioural therapists are genuinely caring and patient people who want the best for you. We will work diligently with you to help you make progress towards your goals, uplift and encourage you, so that you have a positive experience.

The WSC Approach

How does intensive behaviour intervention work?


Get connected to a behavioural therapist

We go through vetting systems to ensure every one of our behavioural therapists are qualified and  experienced.


Set your goals and work out what your challenges are

We will talk with you about what your goals are, and identify any challenges and concerns you may have.


Participate in the process

Behaviour therapy takes time, so we will try our best to ensure you are constantly improving, remain consistent and feel like you are progressing toward your goals.

Looking for Intensive Behaviour Intervention treatments? We can help.

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